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Vaivo-X is a deflationary BEP-20 token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain powered by the all-in-one crypto platform It is completely separate from Vaivo S but will be equally as instrumental in the long term success of the Vaivo ecosystem. Vaivo-X brings real utility and a revolutionary use case to the BSC. Behind Vaivo-X sits a vast ecosystem of Vaivo DeFi products which help support the liquidity and health of the token. A portion of the profits from Vaivo’s ecosystem will be consistently added to the liquidity of Vaivo-X in order to maintain a stable chart and encourage sustainable long term growth. A buy back feature will also be implemented within the tokenomics of Vaivo-X which will assist in keeping the chart on an upward trajectory.
Jordan CEO and Founder
I have been a programmer for 16 years, entrepreneur, passionate about Blockchain and digital assets. Idealizing and working at Vaivo is great pride in my career. My mission is to develop and apply dex and Defi in an integrated way, to build technologies that help and improve people's lives. I believe that with Vaivo we can do more!
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Amazing products and fantastic solutions for the crypto/defi market. You've never seen anything like it!

100% Paid and Guaranteed
The total cost of developing the platform, servers, developers and services is 100% paid and guaranteed for 1 year.
Reward and Liquidity
In addition to self-liquidity and reward derived from the token, Vaivo has a unique external LP technology, derived from the sale and commissions of use of its products and advertisements.
Products and Brands
Vaivo has several products and brands with great potential for use and global market. Vaivo products have an intelligent fee and monetization system, which converts part of the profits to currency liquidity and repurchase.
Real Company
Vaivo has registered legal and tax offices in Europe. NIF 515628026. Avenida do Atlântico, Nº 16, 14º, Esc. 8 - Edif. Panoramic 1990-019 Lisboa Portugal
Social Network
Social network focused on the discussion of the digital assets market. Where you can share ideas and business opportunities or debate technoalloys.


We are driven by technology and innovation!

A smart wallet, which monitors the bid and sell price of your assets in the market and automatically creates signals and alerts for buying or selling opportunity. Support over 2,000 coins and custom tokens. Connect to your favorite exchanges like Binance or Kraken and see all your balances in one place.
Decentralized and/or hybrid swap, with off-blockchain transactions where you can perform multiple exchanges paying a single fee. Proprietary artificial intelligence (Vaivo Galaxy) that searches on thousands of platforms and compares in real-time the best price in multiple combinations.
Advanced all-in-one trading platform. Trade model that connects all exchange orders with greater liquidity and creates orders through Vaivo in multiple orderbooks. This service is guaranteed the best price on the market always or Vaivo pays rewards you 10% of the trade price.
Online course platform (Distance Learning Education) that connects content creators with students. Vaivo will provide 100% free advanced training for Blockchain and Solidity programming. Plus, anyone can create your course in minutes to anywhere in the world.
Register domains, create your online store, host your website in the cloud, and pay with cryptocurrencies. Use the website builder to have a professional website in a few minutes.
Online payment provider in cryptocurrencies for virtual or physical stores. Accept 0 fee payments for 6 months and then pay 0.2% per confirmed transaction. Also use payment apps to create checkout pages by link or email. Your customer is 1 click away from paying with cryptocurrency.
Follow news from the world and the crypto-currency market, articles and financial reports written by market professionals evaluated by you. You can also create your writer account and receive bnbs for views on your content.
Trading platform for digital assets such as NFTs, Domains, Game Items, Vouchers, Gift Cards,... or provision of services. Vaivo Marketplace's Escrow platform ensures that the seller and the buyer will always make good deals.
Real-time price monitor, charts and statistics, market alerts via push notification, and Premium signal 100% free.
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Penny auction reverse, where the single lowest bid is the winner. Imagine being able to buy 1 BTC at 500% off, if your bid at the end of the countdown is the lowest and only that is possible. Enter this bidding battle!


Development and Ecosystems

  • (Total tax 8%)
  • 3% Reflection
  • 2% Liquidity
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% BuyBack
  • (Total tax 8%)
  • 3% Reflection
  • 2% Liquidity
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% BuyBack
Contract info
  • Total Supply 100,000,000
  • Decimals 9
  • Network Binance Smart Chain
  • Symbol VAIVOX
  • + Anti Dump
  • + Anti Whale
Team and Marketing Wallet distribution

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