@jordan shareholder

2021-10-08 18:59:50

#trade @jordan $bnb $vaivo-x

2021-10-08 17:57:43

#defi #binancesmartchain @jordan $vaivo-x (test selector)

2021-10-08 16:38:55

Hello, to keep you up to date, I will post updates for the day and upcoming in development for my feed here and in the group. Today: 1. Points system (gamification) 2. Invoices View (for private-sale vaivo-x) 3. Wallet page (assets info) 4. Profile update (users account) 5. KYC form submit (Required only for users who wish to deposit or withdraw funds via SEPA/IBAN) 6. Home-page (banners and text)

2021-10-08 10:19:26


2021-10-08 10:13:25

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